Research & Environmental Consulting

FUTURO MARE works about marine scientific research and its aim is to spread and protect the sea.

The most important projects already developed are: “Professional and sporting fishing impact in the MPA of Punta Campanella”, “Phenologycal analysis and expansive dynamics of Caulerpa racemosa along the coasts of MPA of Punta Campanella” and “ Fishing tools’s rescue, lost in the water of MPA of Punta Campanella”.

Environmental training means to exploit natural resources, designing biological and landscape eco-sustainable solutions for the territory.
All this is possible only by observing, manipulating and acquiring scientific knowledge and environmental issues.

Knowing... to love and respect!

The FUTURO MARE promotes and organises meetings, events and excursions to observe the environment and encourage children and adults in the study of nature.

The documented scientific knowledge and sound environmental combined capacity of collecting, analyzing and revising data, and the use of instruments for research in situ and laboratory, allow us to provide environmental advice to public and private projects in and studies about the environment and its preservation.

You can arrange school trips, cultural and study with the objective to find out about and to learn to respect our sea.

“I listen but I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand” ... (Chinese proverb)