About us

Hello... I’m Mariangela, I speak little English but I’ve tried to translate my web site alone… so if you think there are some mistakes, please help me correct these me by sending an e-mail with your suggestions!!

I live in Sorrento and manage FUTURO MARE.

I’ve a degree in Environmental Science with a Marine curriculum. I’m also a PADI Instructor and love the sea and its colourful inhabitants. In the past I have worked as dive leader at other diving centres and have always encouraged divers to join me underwater to share the excitement of diving. The sea is a wonderful world, within everyone’s reach.

My big passion for the sea came the desire to create a society and in 2006, FUTURO MARE was born. My society is interested in: excursions up and down the sea, environmental training and advice, marine biology and ecology, and scientific research.


I am Mariangela, PADI instructor. My Scuba friends help me both underwater and on board with their professionalism and dedication:

The "Captain" of Ligeia is undisputed MARIO .... my Dad.
ANGELO is the “SKIPPER” my partne.... forever and wherever.
ANDREA with his kindness, PADI Dive Master.
The youngest on board.....ROSSANA.
The tireless GIGI, PADI Dive Master
The "small" GIO ', CMAS Instructor
MAURI, the big catfish.
MICHELE the bad lieutenant, PADI Instructor

On board we speak ITALIAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH, NAPOLITAIN .... and a new language that is rather a mix!
While everyone may speak in their own language .......underwater communication is easier!

  • Mariangela
  • Capitano
  • Angelo
  • Rossana

Staff Sorrento Diving

Our Boat

Our LIGEIA sails with us since 2007..... and it’s very comfortable!

The choice of name for our boat was not easy but in the end LIGEIA seemed the most appropriate: the name of a mermaid.
A relationship between mythology, history and literature, expressed in different legends, says that Ulysses met the mermaids in Punta Campanella where he was the first mortal to resist their singing.
Having lost a singing competition with the Muses, these mythical creatures jumped in the sea, drowned and turned into rocks. Parthenope arrived on the beaches of Naples, Leucosia at Punta Licosa and Ligeia on the rocks of Punta Campanella.

Ligeia is a Sorrentine typical gozzo, with a fibreglass hull of 9.30 m x 3.10 m, properly fitted to meet every divers needs. It has dressing room, a WC, a shower with cold and warm water. The spacious stern and the comfortable ladder will make you dives relaxing and funny in a pleasant and homely atmosphere.

Sorrento Diving Sub Boat